Rue Stiic Lifestyle Rider

Name: Celeste Twikler
From: Flinders, Mornington Penisula
Now living: Byron Bay

About Celeste: An all round creative with a current focus on jewellery design, I run an online store which is a natural extension of my life. When I first started out, I was an illustrator/artist until my love of jewellery took over. I still kick myself that I have managed to manifest my happiness into my work. 


I have a thirst for adventure and being in the elements, so naturally surfing is an integral part of my life, with snowboarding, skating, art and travel a huge part also. I don't leave the house with out any jewellery on, I am obsessed with anything that is white and embroidered & it's my dream is to get barrelled.

The Rue Stiic Brand:  Modern and stylish clothes that are refined enough to make a statement alone, yet have a simplicity that allows me to show my personal flare by adding Jewellery. 
Instagram: @celestetwikler