About Rue Stiic

Rue Stiic

Rue Stiic is a premium women's coast to city lifestyle brand which celebrates elegance and creativity in the arts, textiles, architecture, movement, and self expression.

Founded in 2013 by Jillian Beed in Perth, Australia, after moving away from her home in Venice Beach, California, the designer and director curates a premium lifestyle and product story.
With roots rich in Australian and Californian culture, Rue Stiic is shared and enjoyed globally. 

The timeless styles are inspired by vintage and tailored for the modern woman - designed and produced to be a forever piece to pass down for generations.

With an ethos for ethical manufacturing, artisanal informative background, and further operating as sustainable as possible -
Rue Stiic incorporates a strong story and transparency behind the brand and each piece created.

Manufactured by highly skilled artisanal partners across India, Bali, and China, while our internal team is based across Byron Bay, Bali, and California -
Rue Stiic is proud to work with a global team who all bring a creative story to the brand.