The Creatives; a New Story by Rue Stiic. Chapter 1


CHAPTER 1  ~Felicia~


At Rue Stiic we love to celebrate creativity.

Our brand has its roots in Bali, Byron Bay & L.A.

All of those being indisputable destinations where creative bees come together.

We’d love for you to discover a little about the people

we meet, we admire and inspire us.

Last week we met up with Felicia, and had some

fun shooting our last Copacabana drop.

Felicia is a photographer and originally from Stockholm, Sweden.

Inspired by music, old films and the people

she meets along the way while travelling

she has found a home on the island of Bali.

She is able to capture the island life beautifully,

with its magical light - sunsets are a real treat for

every photographer here, really.

One of Felicia's stunning photographs, shot on our beautiful island, Bali.


When we asked Felicia her favourite song it

would be 'Charcoal Baby' by Blood Orange.


Felicia tells us her

favourite dress we shot on camera that Saturday

morning is Rue Stiic’s Carla dress in the colour KOI.

A bright shade of orange which might

actually remind you of a fierce Bali sunset.

Felicia: ,,A little catwalk show in the middle

of the rice fields wearing that dress wouldn’t

actually be a bad idea.”


Felicia’s ultimate muse is Zoe Kravitz, 
and she actually pulled off some Zoe vibes
while capturing the rest of our collection. 



Since we met on a Saturday (and because at Rue Stiic

we all love a little cocktail every once in a while) we asked her what her favourite cocktails are:

Felicia: ,,Amaretto Sour or a good old fashioned Espresso Martini are my 2 partners in crime when it comes her boogie nights!”



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