For The Love of Lace

With our exciting new range release for
we thought we'd share a little love from behind the scenes of our first handcut
Balinese lace.

The design process of this range was so incredibly special to create.
Our director and designer, Jillian Beed, traveled to the small Balinese village of our lace suppliers and worked with them everyday, learning the process of how they make this special lace.

The lace makers take our design, hand transfer it to wax paper, trace the design with a watered chalk, and then transfer the design to the fabric.

From there, they follow the lines with their sewing machines and hand create each part of the lace design.
After the lace is created on the fabric panels, the pieces are then brought back to the Rue Stiic factory where the pieces are then hand sewn and finished, to finally create your new wardrobe treasure.

The special thing about this lace is that it ages even more beautifully over time...
Treat it with love and care
Made with love from us to you xx