Fashion Revolution - #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES

It's time for a Fashion Revolution. Calling for a movement of a fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry. At Rue Stiic we 100% support this movement. Starting from the brands original ethos and roots, we have always supported artisanal creation of our garments, manufacturing classic, timeless pieces and steering away from fast-fashion. We also endeavour to work with suppliers who comply with sustainability practices. All our knitwear yarn is sourced from companies who produce environmental friendly products and operations, through energy and resource saving and foster environmental responsibility among their employees and encourage their initiative in daily activities.

All our garments are hand-crafted by our incredible team in Bali, Indonesia. From hand-printing, to pattern making, cutting, sewing and detailing. We believe in transparency. And in support of Fashion Revolution week, we would love to introduce you to some of the amazing team behind our label, the amazing artisans and workers that create your Rue Stiic garments.

We are proud advocates of ethical production and ensure our production complies with ethical standards; our workers enjoy normal working hours with great benefits such as; above average pay, meal allowance, one-hour lunch breaks and even staff parties! Our workers are paid equally! We respect all the different cultures and religions within our team and happily support their holidays for such events. Our Rue Stiic factories are safe, well-lit, well ventilated, always have clean drinking water available and kept cool with desk and floor fans for every worker.

We would like you to meet 3 of our incredible staff, Erik, Ansi & Emind. Each of them manage and over-see different aspects of Rue Stiic production. We work very closely with them on a day-to-day basis, and can't thank them enough for their constant hard work and dedication to our brand.

What is your Position for Rue Stiic? I'm asissten production

How long have you worked in the Fashion Industry? I'm start work in fasion from 2002.

What is the best part of your job? When the factory do big productions.

What is your position for Rue Stiic? I'm manager QC

How long have you worked in the fashion industry? I'm start work in fashion from 2000

What is the best part of your job? When the factory have big production!

What is your Position for Rue Stiic? Well I got 2 position right now, one is in out-sourcing and the other one is Rue Stiic assistant production manager.

How long have you worked in the Fashion Industry? I think it started at 2006

What is the best part of your job? Whenever we solved issues and problems that occurred during production.

Every Rue Stiic garment is hand-created with love by our incredible team, which is why we envision our pieces to be timeless; garments that take a special place in your wardrobe forever. Support ethical production and the individuals behind each piece of clothing, say ‘no’ to fast fashion.